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Ron Keas

Help A Senior Save A Pet

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Need help with pet care?

Loneliness and isolation are pressing challenges facing seniors.  Pets can help fill a void in the lives of isolated and lonely seniors. But the expense of caring for or adopting a pet can make pet ownership prohibitive, especially for those on low and fixed incomes.  

Thanks to the 100 + Women Strong foundation donations, we just launched a new project dedicated to supporting isolated and lonely seniors with their pet care. 

  • Funding for the Pet Program is limited. At this time, we can only accept requests only for 1 companion pet.

  • This program does not support feral/multiple animal rescues. 

  • Contact Claudine Pedroncelli at the Upper Lake Senior Center at 707-275-3513 if you need assistance.  Leave a message, Claudine will respond to all calls and messages as timely as possible.

Senior Silver Pet Program Services Available

  • Vaccinations

  • Adoption Assistance

  • Critical Grooming

  • Nail Trimming

  • Spay/Neuter Clinic

  • Minor Medical

-  Tick Removal

-  Fox Tail Removal

  • Temporary/Emergency Boarding

  • Dog/Cat Carriers

  • Basic Supplies:

-  Leashes

-  Emergency Food

-  Cat Boxes/litter

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